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LATAM LEGAL is a corporation that publishes the websites LexLatin.com (hereinafter, “LEXLATIN”), br.lexlatin.com (hereinafter, “LEXLATIN BRAZIL”) and agora-lexlatin.com (hereinafter, “ÁGORA”), jointly referred to as the WEBSITES.

LATAM LEGAL reserves the right to make any modification in the WEBSITES and any associated platform, without any previous notice to USER.


The WEBSITES have a section called PerfilPlus, where the profiles of subscribed Latin American law firms are published.

Information in PerfilPlus is provided in Spanish by the law firms that subscribe. The PERFILPLUS of firms published on the WEBSITES incorporate all content involving the firm that was published in the past and to be published in the future in the News, Op-Ed, Interviews and Featured Articles Sections of LEXLATIN.


Subscribed firms have a profile in ÁGORA, which is linked to their PERFILPLUS profile.

USER will have access to LATAM LEGAL’s database in ÁGORA that comprises a record of transactions (capital markets, financing, mergers and acquisitions) reported to LATAM LEGAL and that may or may not be published on the WEBSITES. Use and confidentiality of such information shall be governed by the provisions below.

Access Duration

LATAM LEGAL may suspend USER’s access to the WEBSITES once the trial period or the subscription expire, without any previous notice to USER. LATAM LEGAL will also be able to suspend USER’s access if the latter fails to comply with any of the terms and conditions herein.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

LATAM LEGAL agrees to grant USER access to the WEBSITES by providing USER with an intransmissible username and password (login data) that are to be solely and exclusively used by USER and that cannot be disclosed or shared. USER is solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the username and password.

USER commits not to disclose or share with third parties any of the information contained in the ÁGORA database, except that LATAM LEGAL expressly authorizes it in writing.

Any unauthorized use or suspicion of unauthorized use of the login data or of the ÁGORA database must be notified to info@lexlatin.com within 24 hours following the moment when USER first became aware of it.

If USER fails to comply with the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the login data and of the ÁGORA database, LATAM LEGAL may terminate subscription and/or access of USER to the WEBSITES, without any previous notice to USER, and in the understanding that the latter will not be entitled to any reimbursement or compensation of any kind. Also, LATAM LEGAL reserves the right to initiate any relevant action for the protection of its rights and interests.

Content published on the WEBSITES is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and further intellectual property rights, and it is published for subscribers and visitors with information purposes. Modification, amendment, or exploitation of the referred content is prohibited.

ÁGORA has downloadable items (depending on the subscription plan) that USER is authorized to use if USER is an ÁGORA subscriber (this feature will not be available in the trial period) and only for promotional and business intelligence purposes. It is understood that USER is not authorized to modify or amend such downloadable items, or to eliminate the watermark or any text signaling that the source of the information is agora-lexlatin.com. When using the downloadable items for any of the referred purposes, USER must expressly point out the source of such content.

Use of Information

LATAM LEGAL is not responsible for USER’s use of the information in the WEBSITES, which is accurate and reliable, but not binding. LATAM LEGAL will make its best effort to guarantee the accuracy of such information obtained from firms and investigation of the different markets that LEXLATIN covers; however, the information shall not be considered as conclusive but referential.


USER herein irrevocably assigns to LATAM LEGAL all rights over the publication of its profile in PERFILPLUS and ÁGORA (hereinafter the “Assigned Rights”) and any translation thereof by means of this assignment of present and future rights, interest and title, with full guarantee of title, in an absolute manner and free from encumbrances, as well as any right of action concerning infringement of the Assigned Rights (which includes the right to retain payment for any damages deriving from such action), and to hold them in favor of LATAM LEGAL, its successors in title and assigns. Also, USER hereby assigns all moral rights related to the publications, whether they are digital or printed.

Validity, interpretation, construction, and compliance of these terms and conditions (and any claim, controversy or matter concerning them or enforceability thereof), as well as the non-contractual obligations arising in connection with them, shall be governed by and construed according to the laws of England and Wales. USER agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of English Courts.